Secondary School Schedule Changes Announced

Posted On Wednesday October 14, 2020

Thames Valley will be making important scheduling changes for in-school secondary students to provide fewer consecutive days without face-to-face instruction and allow students to end their school day when they break for lunch.

On November 17, at the start of Quadmester 2, Cohorts A and B will attend in-person classes every other day.

“Students will be able to connect with their teachers more frequently – reducing the consecutive days students are out of the classroom,” said Superintendent Paul Sydor.

There will also be changes to the daily schedule that include moving the lunch period from the middle to the end of classes – allowing students to go home for the day if they choose to do so.

Classroom breaks will also be staggered at different times to reduce physical contact and traffic in hallways and washrooms. These changes will not impact start and end times for school or bus pick up times.

As a result of the condensed time frame in which courses are being completed within five weeks, there will be no final examinations. Final marks will be based on work that has been completed during the term. Designated exam days will be used for in-class instructional and student support time.

“These changes are the result of Thames Valley’s focus on continuous improvement and listening to students, families, staff and administrators,” said Sydor. “Fine-tuning the daily schedule in the best interests of students’ health and well-being.”