New Thames Valley Board Chair and Vice-Chair elected for 2024

Posted On Wednesday November 22, 2023

London Trustee Beth Mai has been elected Chair of the Thames Valley District School Board, while Oxford County Trustee David Cripps has been elected as Vice-Chair.

“I’m honoured to step into the role of Chair for Thames Valley District School Board,” said Trustee Mai, “I will continue to prioritize productive and collaborative relationships with Thames Valley’s staff, school communities, the broader community, and fellow elected officials. I look forward to continuing the work of this dedicated group of Trustees as well as our hard-working staff to serve the needs of our growing and diverse board of over 84,000 students.”

“The last year has been a time of significant change and growth for me and us,” said Trustee Cripps, “I’m committed to continuing to foster trust in our system, trust in our processes and trust in us. Together we will continue laying the foundations for the future Strategic Plan.”

Beth Mai is serving her first term as a Trustee for London Wards 7, 8, 9, 10 and 13. She is a resident of London and has been actively involved with the school board for more than 22 years as an employee and volunteer. Mai served as Vice-Chair for the school board during 2023.

David Cripps is serving his first term as a Trustee for Oxford County. He is a resident of Ingersoll where he works as a Project and Change Management Specialist and entrepreneur. Cripps has over 15 years' experience serving on elementary and secondary school councils as well as local Home and School Associations.