Tweedsmuir School Council

School Council Meeting Minutes 

 School Council Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2022




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Tweedsmuir Public School School Council Bylaws


The following schools council bylaws were discussed and agreed upon at the meeting which took place on Monday, November 4, 2019. These bylaws compliment Thames Valley District School Board’s School Council Procedure. If any of the bylaws outlined below are found to be contradictory between current or future TVDSB School Council Procedures, the latter shall be adhered to.


1. If after the School Council Parent/Guardian elections take place and there are not yet 15 elected members, other parents and guardians can declare their interest to the school principal to be added as voting members. The interested parents/guardians must attend two school council meetings prior to stating their interest to become voting members to the principal. These parents/guardians will be considered to be added as voting members in the order in which their interest is declared and TVDSB School Council Procedures on voting membership eligibility still apply.

2. If any voting member misses three consecutive meetings without explaining, the missing member will no longer have voting privileges.

3. If a chair or other dedicated member has to abdicate his or her position, nominations (including self-nominations) from existing voting members will be accepted and voted on by the Council. In the absence of such a nominee, the principal shall advertise the opening of the position to the parent/guardian community and set a deadline for nominations. Parents and guardians of current Tweedsmuir Public School students will be eligible to vote on these members in person at the school on dates as selected and communicated by the school principal.